Fur Coats Back to Fashion

Fur coats are back in style as they became another hot craze in the catwalk today. All throughout the world, many people consider this as one of their fashion statements or among their most-prized investments.

Fur coats do not only help to keep you warm during cold seasons; wearing them allows you to achieve a stylish and a glamorous look. Thus, thousands of people keep looking for designer fur coats since they are confident that it is made of highest quality and can be worn day or night in whatever occasion.

At present, a number of designers have been manufacturing well made fur coats for fashion enthusiasts who have special taste for this luxurious fashion piece. Much of their fur creations are seen in many specialized fur salons or large department stores throughout the world.

Among these designer labels, Dior and Gucci are considered to be the leading creators of fur coats. Therefore, you can always expect that every high end fashion boutique throughout the world particularly Europe, Asia, and America, offers designer fur coats under these famous names.

Better yet, fur coats manufactured by other famous designers also have their own quality and style that attracted a number of fashion–inclined customers too. For instance, the haute couture House of Feraud is known of its designer fur coats not only in Europe but also celebrated internationally for its stylish and high quality fur creations. On the other hand, Krio is also known of its designer line of fur coats which are manufactured by the Natural Furs International. Krio, which has been creating detailed and quality pieces of art for more than 20 years, has attracted a lot of customers with its distinctively famous outwear line.

To complete our list of famous designer fur coats is the Olivieri line that is renowned of its highest level of quality when it comes to coats made of fur. Generally, much of the fur coats they create are made from shearlings which are designed in accordance to the preference of their customers from different parts of the world that includes Frankfurt, Kiev, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, and the United States.

Moreover, in the past year, there are also famous names in the fashion runway that showed fur or shearling in the catwalk, they include Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rebecca Minkoff, and Salvatore Ferragamo, to mention a few.

Lace Underwear: Shopping for ‘The One’

Fashion in its strictest sense has become not just an epitome of good taste and a status symbol for today’s society, but it’s also evolved from just clothing to a trendy icon that change with the passing of time. But one of the timeless wardrobe staples that never gets outdated because it’s even pricier when labeled vintage is lace underwear. It is lingerie at its finest. Whenever someone talks about lace and underwear, you’d think of cozy honeymoon nights, seduction, lovely feminine curves, and beauty at its best. It’s no wonder why women keep at least a set of it in their closet for when they need a boost of confidence or for those times when they just have to feel extra glamorous.

Sexy lingerie is just one of the countless things in a woman’s appeal arsenal that tend to ignite a man’s passion and stir his senses. It’s practically human nature at work. A woman’s body is a beautiful thing, add lacy lingerie that perfectly flatters her dips and curves and that appeal would drive any man breathless. As for style, lace lingerie comes in different fabric materials, textures, designs, and most of all, price tags. Take your pick from the almost endless variations of chiffon, satin, silk, Victorian lace, nylon, spandex, even Lycra and cotton. With the right set of lingerie, any woman can look definitely elegant, graceful, and sexy. How’s that for a confidence boost?

Lacy varieties are by far the most popular in the lingerie world. It comes in different hues of vibrant, earthy, or sexy neutral colors and it doesn’t trap heat and cause irritation to the skin just like silk would do. It’s a popular and very common gift for bridal showers, birthday parties, and weddings too. For men who are planning to get one for that special girl in their life, it is imperative that you know her size. Those sales representatives in lingerie racks and counters are happy to help you, they can definitely assist you in picking out the right choice. You may also want to know that the hottest lingerie colors are midnight wine, burgundy, red, pink, and of course the all-time favorite, black.

You can easily purchase lingerie in department stores, fashion boutiques and online shops. The internet is like Mecca for everything under the sun so you’ll practically have countless choices when it comes to shopping for the right lingerie. Among the most popular brands that women love to receive as gifts include Victoria’s Secret, Damaris and Wacoal.

If you’re buying one for yourself, try to make sure that the fabric of the lingerie of your choice shouldn’t irritate your skin and it should flatter your body and bring out your inner beautiful goddess.

Your Best plus Size Shirts

X - yourbestplussizeshirtsDo you like wearing plus size shirts? You would think that it is only a shirt and it is uninteresting but it is completely the opposite because wearing it can be fun and you get to try on different combinations. Nowadays, there are many shirt designs and styles to choose from. Really, the sky’s the limit plus it is also easy to mix and match.

There are many ways to wear your plus size shirts. One of these is by wearing a loose, long sleeve gray shirt that you can wear with purple pants. Try pairing it with black velvet pumps, small aqua shoulder bag and a long chain necklace. The look you’ll come up with is definitely chic and you can wear it when going out with your boyfriend for a visit at the music store. When going to an immigration interview however, it is suitable to wear a long sleeve solid color shirt and knee length skirt or trouser pants. You can pair it with a satchel bag and stainless steel watch and you’ll be ready to ace that interview with the embassy consulate in no time. Now, if you are an office girl and want something decent, you can try wearing a white crisp shirt underneath a blazer of black or blue color and high-waisted pants to create some style without going overboard. You can also use a dark blue bag to add some color and minimal jewelry or accessories for finishing touches.

On your rest or shopping day rather, wearing your plus size shirts can still come in handy because you want to feel comfortable, still chic and a fashionista at the same time. You might want to try wearing a short sleeve shirt and simply pair it with your favorite short shorts, flat shoes for comfort, an oversized shopping bag for all those wonderful things you will be taking home and aviator sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glaring sun. You might also want to wear a messy bun to finish off your look. The last look would be something that is respectable because going to church requires wearing decent clothes. You can do that by wearing a white shirt and pairing it with a solid color skirt or pants. Pair it with a simple clutch or shoulder bag and minimal to no accessories. You can also opt to wear your make-up lightly.X - yourbestplussizeshirts 1

Wearing plus size shirts is really easy. You just need to find the right pieces and you are ready to go. You can even choose the right combinations and use it in many outfits from day to night and on weekdays until weekends. It is really versatile.

The Secret to Why Luxury Clothing and High-End Products are so Expensive

X - 6. luxury clothingHave you ever wondered why regular t-shirts can costs almost as much as three months of rent? As it actually turns out, even those people involved in selling these high-priced products don’t know why the prices of these luxury clothing items are so luxuriously high. People can become curious as to why certain simple items like slip-on sneakers made by Jimmy Choo can sell at a ridiculously high price as $1,090.

Although there are online stores like Joseph that sell luxury clothing with high quality and style yet relatively affordable price, there are a lot of companies whose rates skyrocket to the extreme. In a lot of cases, designers raise the prices of their products just to give their clothes exclusivity and prestige. Basically, this means that they make them expensive because they can.

As the idea goes, rich people love to express how rich they are by buying expensive stuff and spending their wealth on high-end products. What makes their properties remarkable, as much as the properties themselves, it’s the price tag. The price tag and the simple fact that a lot of people in the world cannot afford what they can gives the purchaser a sense of power and pride. This is the reason why although there are almost authentic copies of luxury clothing available around Manhattan’s Canal Street, women still opt to buy the real products of Gucci, Prada and Burberry bags. In our world today, the power to buy is almost the same as personal power. This also work as psychologically on people, something that luxury clothing designers bank on.

However, there are also people who take pride in how small they spend in buying items they love. Most people nowadays also take price in how much they save in the item they bought. Big bargains can become as powerful as huge price tags. We can say that this is actually a good thing, since most luxury clothing designers are now starting to fall over themselves in order to become the most expensive brand. They can keep on increasing the price of their products because they believe that the world will never run out of people who think they can gain power with the high-end clothing and products that they buy.

The more expensive a product is, the more exclusive it becomes and therefore, the more desirable it appears to people. This also basically means that markdowns are something that high-end designers are not going to bite in the near future, and also fear that selling their products at low prices will not help in establishing the brand as an exclusive name. So, next time you go out shopping and see a plain t-shirt worth $1,000, just remember that it’s their problem, not yours.

The Slimming Nature of Trousers for Women


Trousers for women can be extremely flattering. When you find a pair of pants that fits your form perfectly you will be the owner of a time-less form of fashion. By keeping a few key points in mind you can make the selection of the perfect trousers for women easier than ever.

Find your length

Choose trousers that are the correct length, they must be long enough for you. If your pants are too short it gives the appearance of shorter legs. The longer that you can get your legs to look, the slimmer you will appear overall. Another aspect to the correct fitment of pants is the selection of a fabric that is flattering. Light fabrics that do not cling to your body will not reveal unsightly bumps. Trousers should fit loosely and comfortably, but should not have a baggy fit.

Observe the cut of your pants-leg

Boot cut trousers and other wide-cut legged pants also have a slimming effect, all wider cuts help to keep a straighter line from our hips to our ankles. A bad choice of pants for those looking for a slim appearance are pants featuring tight, tapered legs, this enhances the width of your hips and thighs. The right cut of pants leg may seem trivial, but it is small factors like this that can make or break an outfit.

Dark colours

Trousers for women in dark colours help to draw attention away from your lower half of your body, thereby accentuating other areas. Wear a pair of black trousers in black or navy and then pair this with a bright coloured top to highlight your upper half. Dressing from head to toe in one single colour is another highly popular method of appearing visibly slimmer and at times taller. There are many simple factors that one can take advantage of the next time you decide to wear your pair of trousers of women.